Agga Bai Sasubai 25th April 2022 Episode Written Update (25/4/2022)


Agga Bai Sasubai 25th April 2022 Episode Written Update

Agga Bai Sasubai 25th April 2022 Episode Written Update:

The episode starts with Soham asking Kalyani to come with him. She asks where are you taking me? He says to my house. She refuses but he forcibly takes her along. Aggabai sees them leaving and gets suspicious. Asawari sees Aggabai tense and asks her what happened? Aggabai tells her everything. Asawari is shocked to know that Soham has kidnapped Kalyani.

At Soham’s house, Kalyani tries to call Aggabai but he snatches her phone away. He then ties her hands and feet with ropes and gags her mouth. Kalyani is terrified. Aggabai and Asawari reach Soham’s house. Aggabai asks Soham to open the door but he doesn’t respond. She then breaks open the door and they both enter inside.

They are shocked to see Kalyani tied up. Aggabai asks Soham what is he doing? He says that he will not let Kalyani go anywhere. Aggabai scolds him and asks him to untie Kalyani. Soham unties her and Aggabai takes her away from there. Asawari stays back and scolds Soham for his misbehavior. Soham is about to hit Asawari but she slaps him hard across his face. She then warns him to stay away from Kalyani or else she will not spare him. Soham is taken aback. Aggabai takes Kalyani home and asks her not to worry as she is with her. Kalyani thanks


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